I’ve been at New Berlin First United Methodist Church for a bit over a month, and I have been getting used to my new appointment. I am thinking that it’s also a time for the good folks in front of me on Sunday to be getting used to me as well.
I am not new to leading worship as I have been leading worship since 2016 at both Sand Hill and Unadilla Center United Methodist Churches. They are small rural churches, and when I say rural, I mean they are right out in the middle of nowhere, nestled in the hills on the north side of the Susquehanna River. I was a Sunday morning girl there, just go to lead worship and go back to my home church in Morris. At New Berlin FUMC, I am a half-time person. That means that I lead worship, attend meetings, make visitations, occasionally lead worship at Chase, and make myself available throughout the week should anyone need me. A half-time person works 20-24 hours a week, and I am finding that pretty easy to manage. The hours pile up, and the people I meet are also adding up. Meeting the folks in this area has been a gift for me!
Should you wish for me to visit you at your home, I would be glad to do that. Should you wish to come to the church to visit me, you can usually find me at the church on Mondays and Thursdays, but that’s not cast in stone. Call if you want to be sure I am here. You can also plan ahead with me by calling me at home 215-4900 or by emailing me: pennynharrington@gmail.com and we can make an appointment. I want to be sure to meet everyone on the list of members and associates who live close by.
Worship is at 10:00 for July and August. We will be breaking from that a bit on August 18, however, as we are having a picnic worship service that day. We will have worship at 11:00 up at Fish Field at the Rotary Pavilion. The McMynes will be leading us in that service. Gary and Gena will sing, offer testimony, and bless us for the worship that day. I will sit there and soak it all in. But, the picnic after will be the second blessing of the day. Join us and thank God we can have such a great time right here in our hometown.
Worship will flip to 11:00 on September 1. If you prefer a later start time, this is your chance. We meet upstairs in the sanctuary until the weather becomes chilly, and then we will be worshiping in the coziness of our fellowship hall. One thing I’ve added since I’ve arrived at New Berlin is media. There are slides with pictures, words to the hymns on a large screen TV, and this coming week a music video. Who knows, we may end up with Christian Karaoke very soon!
Join us. If you want to get to know me better, let’s meet up. And, I look forward to our weeks and months ahead. God bless you today and in the days ahead.